We used Moving Company Orlando on our previous move, they had an excellent crew who worked extremely hard. They understood my concern of managing my fragile items with delicacy. I was able to move to my new location without breaking a single item, Thanks to Moving Company Orlando. -Joe M

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There are endless moving companies serving customers locally in Orlando. However, the real matter of concern when hiring a moving company is their loyalty to their rates and services. Having a list of services to fit your criteria is vital in order to have a sincere trustworthy company to handle your precious possessions. As your trusted moving company, we let you compare us to some of the suggested criteria mentioned below:

Clientele: A trustworthy company holds their clientele as their biggest asset of their company, because without them their company would be nonexistent. A local moving company that has a strong clientele has good number of regular and connected clients, which show that the company is doing well by maintaining the quality of their services.


Moving Company Orlando has a reputed clientele with thousands of clients including its first client to its latest. Our clientele is made up of a blend of customers needing a variety of moving services, anywhere from small and large families, small shop owners, corporate business entities, hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges and many more.

Workforce: A good working crew should be top level, qualified and experienced. Few companies hire inexperienced day labors to save on money; hence your belongings’ safety may be at stake. To ensure the quality of our workers Moving Company Orlando has hired only professional and certified experienced workers that have been verified and screened.

Pricing Policy: The policy of prices should be properly checked constantly, because price plays a significant role when a client makes a decision. Some local moving companies in Florida have a tendency to charge additional fee for every single service. Many moving companies may charge extra for: 24/7 emergency services, booking at your convenience, using their own fleet of trucks, packing and wrapping materials, or any other required facility. Moving Company Orlando works differently, we provide you all the above mentioned and many other additional services at no extra cost.

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